• Awareness

    HPI distributes information and education materials to create health awareness

  • Health

    HPI understands people and how best to deliver health services to them

  • Outreach

    HPI reaches the far flung remotest areas to bring services where they are needed

  • Sensitization

    HPI changes perceptions and attitudes through community dialogues


A ‘healthy, vibrant and self-sustaining  population’

HPI’S mission

To maintain optimum, physical and emotional health of people through the provision of quality, accessible, comprehensive and cost effective health care services.

Corporate Values

    • Confidentiality
    • Integrity
    • Client-focus

HPI’s Objectives are:

  • Design and implement strategic health interventions to enable workplaces and communities access care closer to them
  • Aid in the enforcement of general occupational, health and safety (OHS) acts, rights and duties of both employees and employers.
  • Improve the quality of life of people by empowering them to gain control over the determinants of diseases like Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and other health related issues.
  • To help organizations create a more health sensitive environment for employees through provision of a wellness program that enables staff to live fuller and more productive lives.
  • Conduct research to guide the creation, implementation, evaluation and advancement of public health interventions.
  • Mobilize communities through innovative approaches to obtain correct and relevant health information to empower them to live well.
  • Offer quality public health consultancy services for program design, implementation, evaluation, capacity building and product distribution.


A word from the Executive Director
Health is a major asset in one’s life to enable one to carry out their dailyactivities effectively. Having a healthy community is a great advantage to the economy of a nation as it enhances the productivity of its’ human resource. However communities still face a number of factors that challenge their health status especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. Full Article


Mobile health care

Mobile HealthWhile most Ugandans live within 5 km of a public health facility,it does not translate into service provision and utilization. Rather the facilities are often understaffed with frequent stock outs of medicines.

For the most part communities are not necessarily aware or trusting of the services in these facilities. Access is particularly harder for the mobile  populations we work  with  such as transporters, truck drivers, road constructors, uniformed  personnel, fishing communities, sex workers and communities which  interact  with  these categories of people. HPI through the  support  of our partners is able to set up mobile clinics including moonlight HIV Counseling and Testing camps which operate at night  to suit the needs of mobile groups like long distance truckers,and commercial  sex workers. The clinics are staffed with a multi-disciplinary team of counselors, clinicians, laboratory  personnel, social workers and community health promoters  including village  health teams. In the clinics clients receive outpatient care, health education,counseling,effective referral,linkages to other services and ongoing support. Our service package includes a strong component of client follow up through the community health promoters, clinic social workers and the use of mobile phones to call or send SMS reminders for appointments and helpful tips.

Mobile health care

Mobile health care

While most Ugandans live within 5 km of a public...

Community Mobilization

Community Mobilization

In all the communities  we work, HPI identifies the most...

Education and Communication

Education and Communication

Campaigns are one  of the  most successful tools HPI uses...

Health commodities

Health commodities

We  have  the  capacity   to carryout mass  distribution of...