About Us

About Us

Health Promotion International (HPI) is an organization that designs and implements health programs in Sub Saharan Africa including hard to reach semi-urban and remote rural areas. We bring health services and behavior change information to people in their own language, right where they live; so that men, women and children can access appropriate healthcare to improve their lives.

We are a credible health and safety implementation partner on the ground. HPI tailors interventions to the requirements of stakeholders including donors, prime partners, government, NGOS and the private sector. We are committed to delivering results which will help clients realize their project goals in a timely and measurable fashion.

HPI designs and implements occupational health and safety programs, which include the development of Health & Safety Standards, Audits and Trainings.
Furthermore we carry out Health education/training, professional psychological counseling, community mobilization for health improvement, provision of mobile health care services targeting the most at risk populations and health product distribution across the region

How we do our work

At HPI we are constantly tuned in to the needs of workplaces and their host communities, their changing practices and the stimuli that they are most responsive to. HPI programs are informed by the needs based research we carry out prior, during and post implementation.
Our evidence based community intervention models have enabled us design and implement culturally relevant interventions. We reach people where they are, through appropriate channels to achieve sustained and lasting impact.