Mobile Medical Health Care
While most Ugandans live within 5 km of a public health facility, it does not translate into service provision and utilization. For the most part community members are not necessarily aware of or trust the services in these facilities. Access is particularly harder for the mobile populations such as migrant workers, truck drivers, railway & road constructors, water transport workers, uniformed personnel, fishing communities and sex workers. HPI sets up mobile clinics including First Aid clinics and Out-patient Medical Care Facilities to treat common illnesses like Malaria, opportunistic infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), offer Voluntary HIV testing and counseling, referral, distribution of condoms & Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials.

Furthermore, moonlight HIV Counseling and testing camps which operate at night to suit the needs of these groups are also carried out by HPI to the surrounding HOT SPOT communities. The clinics are staffed with multi-disciplinary teams of counselors, Clinicians, laboratory personnel, social workers and community health promoters who also play the role of village health teams. In the clinics, clients receive out-patient care, health education, counseling, effective referral, linkages to other services and ongoing support. Our service package includes a strong component of client follow-up through the community health promoters, clinic social workers and the use of mobile phones to call or send SMS reminders for appointments and helpful tips.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
Creating a safe work environment is critical to the success of any company, and is one of the best ways to retain staff and maximize their productivity. Though costly venture to implement, safe work practices and the use of safety equipment are important aspect on a business and should not be marginalized at any one time, since the repercussions can be severe in the event of an incident.

HPI has expertise in implementing Health & Safety standards to ensure that workplaces are in compliance with applicable SHE legal requirements.
HPI partners its’ client to ensure that occupational health and safety (OHSAS) laws and new work health and safety (WHS) laws are enforced which help avoid/reduce costs that would easily damage one’s business reputation in the event of an incident. We also provide businesses with a strong foundation to achieve long-term success.

Workplace Health Promotion
HPI provides a comprehensive Workplace Health Program that provides a unique opportunity to engage employees in issues that impact on their health and wellbeing.  It also allows employers value the health and wellbeing of their employees.  In partnership with the workplace, HPI develops evidence based programs that are innovative, flexible, and empowering to individuals and the business to take control of the determinants of health.

Health Education and Communication Campaigns
This is one of the most successful tools HPI uses to reach our target groups. We understand that choices to adapt behaviors that promote good health start with a shift in mindset. The HPI Education-Entertainment team implements innovative communication techniques most appropriate to the specific target audience. These include illustrative posters, brochures, urban radio, text messages, community “Bizindaro” or market place announcements systems, video shows, theatre and drama, sports events and community radio health talks.

Community Mobilization
In all the communities we work, HPI identifies the most appropriate community health advocates (CHAs) who are leaders chosen by the people during baseline mapping. We are mindful of making the right contacts with the district and community leadership to ensure successful participation. On the ground, community health advocates are important allies in convincing and bringing people to participate in any health change effort. HPI trains them and builds their capacities relevant to the specific project. We have learnt that people are more willing to listen and learn from the example of one of their own which also leads to lasting impact owned by the people.

Distribution of Health Commodities
We have the capacity to perform mass distribution of health commodities like mosquito nets, condoms, water purification items, family planning products, nutrition supplements and IEC materials. We never distribute products without ensuring that consumers are educated on the benefits, buy in to using them and know how to use these products to promote their wellbeing. Product activations where demonstrations in common areas like market places, bars, video halls and lodges are popular.