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At HPI we are constantly tuned  in to the needs of communities, their  shifting cultures  and how  best the people would like to be empowered. HPI programs are informed by the  needs based research we carry out  pre, during and  post  implementation. Our evidence based community intervention models  have enabled us design  and  implement  culturally relevant interventions. We reach people where they are,through appropriate channels to achieve sustained and lasting impact.

In our HPI- road workers  project for example, we designed  a comprehensive  HIV/AIDS & STDs awareness and Mitigation program through which  road construction workers  and  the  communities around them   were  sensitized and trained,  offered relevant  edu-tainment through radio talk-shows, community dialogues, community theatre including drama and video shows strategically performed in the evenings  where these workers congregate to raise awareness and reduce stigma on HIV/AIDS and STIs. During the community outreaches, condoms and IEC materials were distributed.


Included in this intervention was the crucial element of service which we offered through confidential mobile clinics that operated till dark to encourage access to care. A deep understanding of migrant/mobile groups guided us in expanding reach to surrounding communities with a focus on Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) who tend to congregate around construction sites. Several product activations to demonstrate how to correctly use health items like condoms were also successful in this intervention. Overall our capability to utilize the right mix of health education-entertainment; community involvement through health promoters, accessible products and services has enabled HPI to continue attracting support from public, private, Local and International Non-Governmental health actors in the country. HPI offers reliable, comprehensive, relevant and high impact programming that is touching the lives of many Ugandans.

We are a credible sub grantee, committed to ensuring local and International development partners realize their targets on the ground to bring health services to communities.

HPI manages contracts  to design and implement public health programming including health education,professional psychological counseling, community mobilization for health improvement,provision of mobile health care targeting the most at risk populations and health product distribution across the country.

Our target audiences are:

  • Most at Risk Populations (MARPS) for HIV/AIDS 
  • In & out of school Youth 
  • Men & Women of Reproductive Age(lS-49)
  • Hard to reach Communities
  • Inner city dwellers
  • Migrant Workers


  • Needs Based Research
  • Program Design & Implementation
  • Health Education & Communication
  • Community Mobilization
  • Community Volunteers/Peer Educators
  • Mobile Clinics
  • Distribution of health products in hard to reach areas
  • Consultancy Services